Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

About Sharon Hill Fire Company

The Sharon Hill Fire Company, made up of volunteers, was organized around the year 1900 by a group of interested citizens and became a chartered organization on October 3, 1906. Around 1902, the first fire house was constructed on the corner of Sharon Avenue and Spring Street. This building presently houses Borough Council Chambers. In 1956, the Sharon Hill Fire Company celebrated its 50th anniversary and some 20 years later construction began on a new fire house located on Sharon Avenue. This building was officially dedicated in 1979. Over the years, the Fire Company has continued to grow and prosper through a professional work force and continued education. The Sharon Hill Fire Company has proven to be one of the best in the State. The award winning Company has finished 1st at the PA State Firemen's Convention from 1985 through 2002. In 2006 Sharon Hill Fire Company will be celebrating 100 years of dedicated service to Sharon Hill and its surrounding towns and boroughs.

Past ChiefsPast Presidents
 J. Kelly
 A. Rose
 R. McCadden
1914W. Atchinson
1915E. Wager
1916D. Bogan
1917-1918W. Tosh
1919G. Davis
1920-1922H. Gifford
1923W.A. Stuhl
1924C. Tuppenny
1925-1929F. Traux
1930-1931J. McLarnan
1932-1935F. Leinhauser
1936E. Stockwell
1937-1938H. McLaughlin
1939J. McCool
1940-1941E. Winner
1941R. Jack
1942-1952J. Hale
1953-1954E. Lacrosse
1955-1956R. Brower
1961-1963G. Boyer
1964N. Collica
1965-1966J. Marchetti
1967-1968D. Johnson
1969-1970Robert T. Kelly
1970-1976E. Cramphorn
1977-1981William H. Scott
1982-1985Robert Lauer
1986-1987Michael Pryor
1988-1994William Scott
1995-1998Edward Schneider
1999-2003John Croce
2004Mike Attix
2005-CurrentWilliam Benecke
 E. Bliss
 W. Duncan
1914-1925T. Garvin
1926-1936W. Duncan
1937-1945O. Leinhauser
1946-1955L. Cunningham
1956-1956J. Clark
1958-1959W. Heller
1960-1966J. Clark
1966-1967L. Cunningham
1968-1969Walter Thompson
1970-1979John Marchetti
1980-1984Russel J. Meyers
1985-1988Edward Mooney
1989-1992Lawrence R. Greenwich
1993-1996Joseph Feeney
1997-1998Mark Collington
1999-2005George Faulkner
2006Chris Eiserman
2007-CurrentGeorge Faulkner