Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

Active Membership of Station 9

This list is comprised of the Active Membership of the Sharon Hill Fire Company. We have several classes of membership including Inactive, Social and finially Life Members. Life Members have served the Fire Company for over 20 years of dedicated service and some have served over 50years of service. The Active membership are the firefighters that respond to emergency calls on a regular basis and are involved in the regular operations of the Fire Company.


Chief W. Benecke1st Lt. S. ButlerSafty Officer J. Croce
1st Asst. M. Attix2nd Lt. Safty Officer T. Tustin
2nd Asst. C. Miller  
Captain M. Mackay  


Chief Engineer: E. SmithF. FisherM. Ruggeri
J. CabreraM. ZangariR. Edwards

Active Firefighters:

A. BallerinoR. Edwards 
S. BeneckeB. EmbertK. Quinn
W. Benecke RS. EvansB. Righter
D. BoyleG. FaulknerJ. Righter
W. BrownJ. FaustW. Righter
C. BurkP. FuscoJ. Romano
S. ButlerJ. GrahamJ. Ruggeri
D. CaldwellS. LeChetteM. Ruggeri
J. CharltonE. LynchC. Sarog
S. CharltonP. ManginelliS. Simmons
W. ChishnijakC. McBreenR. Spagna
M. DeweaseT. McCannJ. Tesauro
 S. MullenT. Thomas
C. DittusS. MummoE. Toy
K. DorrinJ. OrrM. Waters

Fire Police:


Line of Duty Deaths:

T. FalconeB. FeeneyM. Reagan - 9/29/2007 #286
J. GouldM. Mullen 
T. HendrickJ. McCarty 
J. Tartaglione  
D. Toth