Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

Engine 9-1 & 9-2 run Folcroft Box

January 12th, 2011  
Engine 09-1 & Engine 09-2 on Folcroft Box
With the storm over and crews having finished up a late breakfeast the box assignment was rung out for a building fire on Glencroft Circle in Folcroft. Engine 09-2 with 6 and Engine 09-1 with 4 quickly marked up on the radio. While enroute Fireboard advised the that an occupant of the residence was feeling ill and was ordered to evacuate. Engine 09-2 arrived on location and reported a 1 Story Single Family Dwelling with nothing showing. Enigne 09-1 arrived and staged at the hydrant on Delmar & Glencroft. Crews investigated a possible faulty heater in the residence. The assignment was scaled down to Telesquirt01, Ambulance01-7, and Company 9. Crews remained on location for approx. 10mins before the assignment was made available.