Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

Engine 9-2 First Arriving on 2nd Working Fire in 12hrs

February 15th, 2011  
Just before 3am the Box assignment was struck out for 37 N Ridgeway Ave, Glenolden for a reported building fire. On the ticket were 05 (Glenolden), 09(Sharon Hill), 01 (Folcroft), RIT-03 (Clifton Heights), Ambulance 02-7 & Medic 100D. Engine 09-2 with 5 quickly marked up and was advised it was a Working Fire. Engine 09-2 arrived on location with a 3 Story single family dwelling with heavy fire showing from the 3rd floor side C-Charlie. Crews stretched the 300ft 1 3/4 handline for an interior fire attack while Captain Miller established command for the time being. Crews encountered fire at the landing to the 3rd floor and quickly advanced up to the 3rd floor to gain control of the fire. Engine 5 dropped a supply line into Engine 09-2 and Chief 05-9 assummed command so Captain Miller could report to and take Division 3 Command. With the assitance of the crew from Engine 5 the 3rd floor was opened up and all pockets of fire extinguished. Engine 09-1 advanced a secondary line to the 3rd floor as well as an additional line to the basement. Tower 5 provided ventilation for the interior crews and the Telesquirt & Rescue 1 contained drop down fire on the exterior. A total of 4 lines were stretched with a total of 3 lines being placed in service. A total of 19 firefighters operated on location from Company 09. Crews returned to quarters after approx. 2hrs of being in service.