Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

3 Box Alarms and Fire Alarm in 24 hours

July 6th, 2011  
Just after 2am as crews were taking in some sleep the First Due Box Alarm in the area of the 600 Block of Chester Pike. Engine 9-2 with 6 quickly marked up and while enroute were advised Police were reporting a trash fire in the alley way. Engine 9-2 arrived on location and confirmed the report and held the assignment to Engine 9-2 for extinguishment. Around 11am Company 9 was dispatched to 3 Industrial Rd, Darby Township for an activated fire alarm system. Captain 76-9C was on location reporting a tripped fire alarm and the assignment was recalled shortly after. Later in the night while Crews were cleaning up the Banquet Hall the RIT assignment was dispatched for Norwood. Engine 9-2 with 6 marked up. Just prior to arriving the assignment was held to Engine & Ladder 2. Not long after a third box was struck again calling for the RIT assignment from Company 9. Engine 9-2 marked up again with the same staffing and just after responding Company 20 was on location reporting fire showing. While enroute command advised it was several vehicles on fire adjacent the building. Engine 9-2 arrived on location and shortly after Chief 19-9 returned Company 9.