Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

Engine 9-2 First due on Fire with Entrapment

July 21st, 2011  
Just after 3am the Box Assignment with Entrapment was struck out for 217 Lincoln Ave, Collingdale. The ticket brought up Companies 06, 42, RIT-44, 09, 04, 75, and EMS units. Fireboard immediatly advised they were recieving numerous calls on the fire and reports of people trapped. Engine 9-2 marked up with 6 seconds after dispatch and after just a 1.5mins arrived at the hydrant and began dropping a 3" suppy line into the fireground. Chief 42-9 arrived just prior to Engine 9-2 and reported a working fire on the 1st floor side A of a 3 Story Twin. Engine 9-2 arrived on location and placed two 1 3/4 lines in service for extinguishment and began opening up the porch, while additional crews from Engine 9-2 performed a primary search of the dwelling. Numerous Police Officers assisted in the removal of the victims and confirming no occupants were still inside the dwelling. Engine 9-1 finished the hydrant hookup to supply Engine 9-2 if needed. Crews also setup PPV in the exposure twin and finished opening up the porch with the assistance from the crews of Quint-6. Company 9 remained on location assisting companies for approx. 1hour before returning to service.