Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

Engine 9-2 rescues occupant from First Due Fire

August 14th, 2011  

Around 5:30am the First Due Box assignment was rung out for 122 Reese St, Sharon Hill for a reported Dwelling fire with Entrapment. On the ticket were Companies 09 (Sharon Hill), 05 (Glenolden), 01 (Folcroft), RIT-19 (Lansdowne), and Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital EMS units. Initial reports were advising numerous calls for a kitchen fire with 2 adults and 3 children trapped. Chiefs 09-9 & 09-9B both arrived on location to find a 2 Story Twin, with fire showing first floor rear. Engine 09-2 responded under the command of F/F Fusco and was advised enroute all occupants are reported trapped on the 2nd floor. Engine 09-2 arrived on location and crews stretched an 1 3/4 handline for fire an interior attack while F/F Mackay performed VES on a bedroom where one occupant was reported. Chief 09-9 (Benecke) struck out the 2nd alarm which included 06 & 42 (Collingdale #1 & #2), and 04 (Darby #1) as well as two additional RIT's from 43 (Holmes) & 20 (Garretford Drexel Hill). Additional EMS units were requested to enable enough transports for all reported trapped occupants. Crews handjacked a 3" supply line back to the hydrant for a water supply when F/F M. Mackay located an occupant on the 2nd floor unconscious. Captain C. Miller joined F/F M. Mackay and together they began removing the victim via interior stairwell while F/F P. Fusco & F/F S. Butler held the interior stairs with a handline. Glenolden F/F D. Gallagher joined Miller & Mackay and assisted with removing the victim in zero visibility to EMS who were awaiting on the exterior. Crews continued to perform searches over and over while crews from Tower 5 & Engine 9-2 extinguished the fire on the first & second floor and opened up. Crews from Telesquirt 1 performed ventilation to enable faster searches. While 2nd alarm companies were arriving it was discovered all occupants were accounted for and no need for additional searches. Second alarm companies continued efforts where the first alarm companies left off. Crews from Company 04 located and rescued the occupants dog from the dwelling as well. Sharon Hill Police, Pennsylvania  State Police Fire Marshalls Office, and Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division are investigating the fire.