Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

Engine 9-2 Covers Chester Heights

October 16th, 2011  

Early in the morning around 4:30am Engine 09-2 was dispatched to relocate to Station 71 (Chester Heights) for a cover up. Engine 9-2 with 7 from the overnight crew quickly marked up leaving an additional crew back at the station to staff an additional Engine. Engine 9-2 arrived at Station 71 and started a 9hour coverup while crews operated 3 blocks away at the fire. During the cover Engine 63 (Green Ridge) stopped by and crews assisted in restoring 1000ft of 5" along with the crew from Station 72 (Aston Beechwood). Company 71 returned to quarters and crews remained at the station for an additional 2hours to help restoring and cleaning tools, hose and trucks. Crews helped repack Engine 71 with over 2500ft of hose they had used during the fire. Thanks to the boys from 71 for getting us some lunch.