Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

RIT & Engine Co Run on 2nd Working Fire in 12hrs

December 7th, 2011  

Shorlty after closing tree sales for the night the RIT Assignment was struck out for Lansdowne Borough in the area of Stratford & Lansdowne for a reported house fire. RIT Engine 09-2 with a crew of 8 under the command of Capt. Miller. Chief 19-9 (Young) arrived and reported he had heavy fire showing from the 1st and 2nd floor of a single family dwelling. RIT Engine 09-2 arrived just behind Truck 19 and assisted Engine 24 with establishing Engine 19's water supply, and performed the initial 360 check. With the Truck Co. Laddering the structure, and no bars or hazards obstructing access crews setup on Side A. Engine 09-1 and Engine 09-3 both fully staffed responded to the scene as well for additional Manpower. Due to the large response of members Company 9 was split into two RIT Teams one on Side A and a second on Side C and also a third crew to assist with Engine Co. Operations in setting up master streams. Company 09 remained on location throughout the incident and remained on location assisting with cleaning up and overhaul. In total Company 09 operated with over 24 members on location for a total of 5 1/2 hours. 

RIT Company 9