Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

Station 09 Administrative & Line Officers

The Sharon Hill Fire Company is comprised up of several members that form the leadership for the Fire Company on and off the fireground. Some of these positions are elected by the membership of the Fire Company and others are appointed to these positions by the Line Officers of the Sharon Hill Fire Company. Each position has a specific role within the Fire Company that enables it to operate on a daily basis to provide the best quality Emergency Services to the citizens we protect and serve. The Line Officers and Appointed Officers manage and run the emergency operations section of the fire company when we are operating at emergencies and fires. The Executive Branch and Board of Directors manage the Administrative and Financial aspects of the Fire Company to ensure the company can continue to operate.

Line Officers

 • Bill Benecke - Chief
 • Mike Attix - 1st Asst. Chief
 • Terre McCann - 2nd Asst. Chief
 • Steve Butler - Captain
 • Eric Smith - 1st Lt.
 • Jose Cabrera - 2nd Lt.

Executive Branch

 • George Faulkner - President
 • Brian Righter - Vice President
 • Chris Dittus - Treasurer
 • Stephanie LeChette - Financial Secretary
 • Wayne Little - Recording Secretary

Board of Trustees

 • John Croce - Chairman
 • Steven Benecke
 • Trevor Thomas
 • Eric Smith
 • Joe Tartaglione
 • Tom Tustin

Appointed Office

 • Frank Fisher - Chief Engineer