Sharon Hill Fire Company - Station 9

Public Education Information

Engine9-1 Flowing some water at local park

The Sharon Hill Fire Company maintains a very versatile public education program that includes various activites such as Station Tours, Presentations at Schools, Apparatus Appearances, participation and local community events, and many other activities. Many injuries and fires can be prevented by an active role of the Fire Company with public education. Below is a quick list and description of any events or public education events Sharon Hill Fire Company is willing to attend or help make happen. A quick note is that during any fire prevention show the firefighter and apparatus may leave for a short time in the event of a fire call however they will return to finish the show.

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Public Education Presentations

Crews Showing off a Nozzle Stream

The Sharon Hill Fire Company will proudly have firefighters speak to your group on a wide range of topics regarding fire prevention, household safety, the day to day activites of the fire department and firefighters, how to become a firefighter, and any other related topics regarding the Fire Company.

Tours of the Sharon Hill Fire Company Station

Firefighters gear on the wall

This is a very common thing for local groups such as schools, scout troops and birthday parties as they will get a first class tour of thier local Fire Station. Firefighters will show the group around the station and the various rooms that help accomplish the daily activites required to run a well built fire company. They will see the firefighters gear, all of the various fire apparatus (trucks), and also recieve some fire safety and public education during the entire tour.

Apparatus and Firefighter Appearances


The Sharon Hill Fire Company upon request and due to the avaliability of crews will bring a fire truck to any event the public is holding to answer questions about fire prevention, household safety, and general questions about the fire company. As with any of the above the appearance of the fire trucks depend on the avaliablity of crews, and also in the event of a fire call the fire trucks may leave the event and respond to the call.

How to Schedule an Event

The Sharon Hill Fire Company is usually always open for visits during normal buisness hours however we request a minimal of 2 weeks notice in advance of any event. The reason for this is cause we are a fully volunteer fire company and need to notify our members ahead of time to attend. You can stop by to talk to any of the firefighters or contact us via phone at (610) 583-7302, as always our attendence depends on the avaliablity of crews and fire trucks.