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Michael Reagan

1988 - 2007 Picture of Michael Reagan



"He was a really nice kid, willing to learn, had a good attitude and got along with everybody" - Holmes Fire Co. Chief John Hudyma.

"He had the right motivation, the right center" - Ridley Township Police Capt. Charles Howley

"What they do is just wonderful and we donít thank them enough. And when they give life, it is the ultimate sacrifice" - Delaware County Fire Marshal Joseph Locke

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Sep 02 2010 14:56 PM Post #753

I really liked this! Great job!
Aug 23 2010 22:28 PM Post #752
Location : Knoxville,Tn

I never got the chance to meet you I wish I had. I've meet your sisters and your family and they were great. I dated your cousin your for a while and man that boy loves you. I feel like almost know you from what I've heard from you Mamaw Karen and your Uncle Charlie an Aunt April. They all love you more then they could put into words sometimes. You were great kid I'm sure of it. Chucky couldn't get over the fact that he got to ride in a fire truck. Man that boy loves you. I know your in a better plac and I hope that helps in their healing process.
Aug 16 2010 18:38 PM Post #751

Hey there very nice thing you have happening here, all the best.
Aug 16 2010 15:30 PM Post #750

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shaun swayngim
Jun 23 2010 18:44 PM Post #749
Location : eddystone

Brother when you weep for me
Remember that it was meant to be
Lay me down and when you leave
Remember I'll be at your sleeve
In every dark and choking hall
I'll be there as you slowly crawl
On every roof in driving snow
I'll hold your coat and you will know
In cellars hot with searing heat
At windows where a gate you meet
In closets where young children hide
You know I'll be there at your side
The house from which I now respond
Is overstaffed with heroes gone
Men who answered one last bell
Did the job and did it well
As firemen we understand
That death's a card dealt in our hand
A card we hope we never play
But one we hold there anyway
That card is something we ignore
As we crawl across a weakened floor
For we know that we're the only prayer
For anyone that might be there
So remember as you wipe your tears
The joy I knew throughout the years
As I did the job I loved to do
I pray that thought will see you through

i love you mike
Jun 02 2010 8:48 AM Post #748

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May 01 2010 20:31 PM Post #745
Location : virginia beach, virginia.

hey mikey. I still can't believe your gone. Even though I'm your cousin, sometimes I feel like I barely got to know you. Your the only male cousin I really knew and it still feels that way. The only way I remember your voice is by remember you singing "fireman". I won't let anyone play that song now. I think it's ironic that it's the only song that makes me remember you. I wish I could be like you. Your a hero. Your incredible.
mikey, I miss you so much. I wish I could see you again. I love you. You will always be a part of me. Always.
Apr 09 2010 15:30 PM Post #744
Location : springfield

mikey i miss you so much, i just wrote a paper on you in school & aquatic isn't the same without you. i can't believe this september it will be 3 years
shaun swayngim
Feb 11 2010 15:35 PM Post #743
Location : ridley

whats up buddy i miss yah the days get harder and much longer, i miss yah so much and love yah kid you are a true hero mike love yah and i will talk to yah later on

shaun swayngim
proud past member of delco station 9
Feb 01 2010 13:07 PM Post #742
Location : USA,Knoxville,TN

I cant believe its already been 3 years since youve gone home... and Lord only knows when the last time we seen eachother was. But we both know that we will see eachother again. I miss you.. It happen to soon and to fast. I have a daughter now that you were supposed to see.. and Now you see her everyday. I know because she tells me. She talks to someone and I ask her who. She tells me its you... Mikey. You keep saying everything will be ok. I have faith in you. I know it will be. You inspire me to be so much more than what I want. I miss you and Love you. Only if I could hold you near me and tell you... Spend more time together.. Distant cousins I hate... I wish we couldve all been together raised together. but everything happens for a reason. and when my time comes I will see you again!!! I love you!
Cecelia Kretenko
Jan 28 2010 10:06 AM Post #741
Location : Sharon Hill Pa.

Hey buddy..ive been thinking about you alot lately. I miss you so much mikey..i dont believe its been over three years, i feel like i just saw you yesterday at the 09 pool party lol. Man do i miss you, cant wait to see you again,hope your lookin down on all of us. Love and Miss you mike! Rest Easy!!

R.I.P Michael D. Reagan Jr.
vinnie zappacosta
Jan 24 2010 18:36 PM Post #740
Location : norwood

yo mike so i finally joined at 08 and every time i walk in the door ur in my head cause i wouldnt be there with out you well ill talk to u again soon.

vinnie zappacosta
proud member of station 08

still fighting for a pack seat
call #286
shaun swayngim
Jan 17 2010 10:38 AM Post #739
Location : glenolden pa

whats up buddy miss yah, havnt been on in awhile work has been crazy, i am thinking about joining 09 again miss it there miss the guys you know how it is down there,well im about to go do somethings i will write you again soon brother love yah and miss yah.

michael reagan a true hero
vinnie zappacosta
Jan 02 2010 22:02 PM Post #738
Location : norwood

yo mike i know last time i was about to join unfortunitly my grades wernt so hot so it didnt happen so im proud to say that this week i will start my training at 08 thanks to you your the reson im joining the brotherhood well miss yah mike save me a spot
still fighting for a pack seat
call #286
Dec 29 2009 13:13 PM Post #737
Location : morton

yo whats up mike i joined morton rutledge (13) yesterday and im so happy. now i can make a difference just like u did
Dec 14 2009 0:03 AM Post #736
Location : ridley

i miss you so much mikeyy
vinnie zappacosta
Nov 28 2009 10:21 AM Post #735
Location : norwood

hey mike i have six more days till i can start makeing a difference like you did and if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be saying this

rip mike
call# 286
Nov 17 2009 11:17 AM Post #734
Location : HOLMES

vinnie zappacosta
Nov 03 2009 20:30 PM Post #733
Location : norwood

its been i while mike and im almost in i thank god for people like u everyday i i still belive u watch over me because today when that truck hit my car a just prayed and i thank god for letting me live and to see how much those firefighters and emts cared i can only emingined how much u cared thanks to all the men and women of the fir service
shaun swayngim
Oct 17 2009 16:06 PM Post #732
Location : glenolden

well buddy i just got done from seeing you and i still cry the same as if it just happened i hate it, wish you were here i miss you and so does everyone else you are a true hero michael reagan, well i love yah bro and miss yah rest easy save me a spot see you when its my time brother,

Chucky Allen
Oct 13 2009 12:40 PM Post #731
Location : Knoxville, TN

Hey cuz. we all miss you. Everybody from Tennessee misses you. im graduating this year. its hard, but i got to do what i got to do lol. I wish we could have spent more time together. it sux that we didnt get the chance to hang out alot. but it is understandable, i mean we do live in 2 totally different states. i hate to but i g2g
Love You cuz,
dan toth
Oct 08 2009 23:44 PM Post #730
Location : glenolden

hard hard to believe its 2 long years it docent get any easier

gone but not forgotten brother miss ya
Oct 01 2009 3:17 AM Post #729