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Michael Reagan

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"He was a really nice kid, willing to learn, had a good attitude and got along with everybody" - Holmes Fire Co. Chief John Hudyma.

"He had the right motivation, the right center" - Ridley Township Police Capt. Charles Howley

"What they do is just wonderful and we donít thank them enough. And when they give life, it is the ultimate sacrifice" - Delaware County Fire Marshal Joseph Locke

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09 F.F. P. Fusco "14A"
Sep 29 2009 23:31 PM Post #728
Location : trustees room

hey brother havent talked to you in a while on here so i hope your still lookin good and still watchin over us and keepin us safe... well thats not even questionable lol. 2 years already brother and it feels like yesterday it happened. today i thought of convention two years ago and ur famous quote. "Im going to the corner store. need anything? some milk?? some eggs?? some porn?? made me laugh alot and took my mind off the bad things that happpened. We love you and miss you soo much. Im gettin off now cause im not pose to be on this computer lol.
We All Love and Miss You
Michael D. Reagan J.R.
"Just Living A Dream"
Sep 29 2009 16:40 PM Post #727
Location : Clifton

Hey man I know it's been a while since I left ya something and I'm sorry. Been real busy. Can't believe it's already been 2 years. Feels like just yesterday we were in fire school together man. I know your up there watching over us and saving us all a seat. I miss you more an more everyday man. Well bro gotta run. Love ya mike
Sep 29 2009 11:23 AM Post #726
Location : essington pa

hey mike. i miss you everyday. 2 years seems like yesterday. the last time i saw u was new years 2007! been a while. miss ya bud look out for us
Mike #10
Sep 29 2009 10:19 AM Post #725

Hi Mike
Two years, seems like yesterday. Still hurts as it did that night. Keep us strong and protect us. See you later.
Joe Mac Jr
Sep 29 2009 6:46 AM Post #724
Location : Ridley, PA

Hey Mike,
Always Remember Alarm#286:
It's been 2 years as of today. I still remember when you guys had pool parties next to my aunt and uncle's and let Dylan in every now and then. You are missed but not forgotten. You're up there "Still Fighting for a Pack Seat" in GOD's fire department. Stay the couse, save me a seat, and keep Heaven safe. God Bless!
Sep 29 2009 0:30 AM Post #723
Location : folcroft

Been two years alreadt mike. Wow i cant beleive it. remember it just like yesterday, a bad dream. Will always miss ya mike. Still fightin' for a pack seat.
Sep 23 2009 9:30 AM Post #722
Location : Morton

Hey Mike,
Its almost two years now...time seems to fly but the memories of you are still fresh in my mind. The pool had a pretty good running season this year. I still feel like I'm going to see you walk through the front gate, ready and willing to work. I'm going to visit you this weekend at some point. I love you and miss you.

♥ Tori
Sep 21 2009 23:25 PM Post #721
Location : folsom

hey mikey i cant believe its been almost 2 years. i miss you so much. stay stronq up there. cowboys had a rouqh qame the other niqht but did qood.i miss you so much. rest easy.
shaun swayngim
Sep 14 2009 15:42 PM Post #720
Location : 12 house

whats up buddy, im doing really well things are great, i start EMT school tonight alil nervous but i will be good help me out would yah, but i love yah and miss yah you are missed so much buddy.

rest easy.
Jul 22 2009 7:41 AM Post #719
Location : Sharon Hill Pa.

Dear Michael, Remain in the arms of JESUS!your safe there.
Kylee Cola
Jul 10 2009 22:44 PM Post #718
Location : lost in memories

hey michael, its me kylee... i hears what happened, you know me always late, i cant believe it. ill never forget all the times we had as kids, running around in the cemetary, u freaking out robbie hc he wouldnt go in the tunnels, lol. i remember after i moved i found ur number in the phone book..ur dad said ud call me back, but u never did.. u were out playing football. i miss telling u how much i love u. ill never forget our 2nd grade year, u were so jealous when i met Shawn DiAugusto.. u were always the one for me though. i saw a rencent pic of u..ur birth mark is gone, i heard rumors as to why but we wont go i loved it, it was unique, made u, you. now im a mommy. and my daughter has a birthmark thats big, its on her ankle. reminds me of u. ud love her. her name is Layla. keep an eye on her for me would ya? shes ganna be a handful someday. i really wish the last time i saw u wasnt really the last time. ull always be my first love. i miss u.

love always, see u again someday,
Nancy Blanck
Jul 06 2009 16:05 PM Post #717
Location : Darby, PA

So sorry I had to miss the Lifeguard competiton on the 29th for Michael. I so wanted to be there. Does anyone know if they sold t-shirts and if they have any XXL's left? He grew up with my nephew and went through fire school with him. I would love to be able to contribute in some way.
vinnie zappacosta
Jun 23 2009 21:21 PM Post #716
Location : norwood

hey im so glad to hear about the fund raiser sunday i hope alot of people show up and hope to meet some new people there gtg mike less then 7 months left till it offical
shaun swayngim
Jun 15 2009 14:03 PM Post #715
Location : collingdale

whats up buddy as you already know i have been up alot to see you this week. miss yah buddy, i am done school i graduated i am so excited to get on with my life, but listen i have to go find a job lol love yah rest east
Apr 13 2009 12:26 PM Post #714
Location : morton

hey mike wats up?? i got one more month left... cant wait well gota go cya mike


shaun swayngim
Mar 30 2009 8:03 AM Post #713
Location : ridley high school

whats up buddy i miss you so much think about you all the time im doing pretty good just got alot going on its teh end of the school year trying to get my senior project done and just have so much to do in so lil time its get rough but i can not wait to graduate and get the hell out of here lol, but i love yah and miss yah brother rest easy

Michael David Reagan J.r
alarm 286
you are a true hero mike

shaun swayngim proud member of the sharon hill fire company

see you at the gates when its my time bro save us all a spot
Joey T
Mar 28 2009 0:06 AM Post #712
Location : Sta. 03

Brother!! Haven't been on here in awhile, but that doesn't mean I still don't think about you everyday... I'm finally teaching at the training center, but I remember being a helper for your class just like it was yesterday and watching with the Righters how much of an awesome job you were doing! Workin out these days still reminds me of the days when we were "gettin big" and runnin the stairs with airpacks on! Miss you everyday brother, every job only makes me wish you were right beside me again...

Some say they miss you... ONLY WE CAN FEEL YOU!!

Morton Fire Station11
Mar 23 2009 11:23 AM Post #711
Location : Morton Pa

Keep An Out Out For All Of Us Bro....Rest Easy
shaun swayngim
Mar 20 2009 13:14 PM Post #710
Location : eddystone

heyy mike how are yah bud i miss yah so much, im trying to get my stuff together im sur eyou already know that but just if you can help me out thanksss but i gotta get ging bud love yah
Mar 19 2009 1:02 AM Post #709
Location : RIDLEY

heey mikey howv`e you been. i miss you so much. your moms birthday just passed i bet you were happy. how ya doin up there.i cant wait to see you. i hope your enjoyin life. i still cant believe this happened.your house still isnt the samee but it`ll qet better. love ya mookey
rip always remembered
andrew r
Mar 15 2009 10:42 AM Post #708
Location : morton

whats up mike? how ya doin?

less then 2 months

Feb 20 2009 13:04 PM Post #707
Location : leedom

i missss you mikeyyy!

watch over all the 09 boysssss !

Feb 20 2009 13:03 PM Post #706
Location : leedom

heeeeey mikeyyyy
shaun swayngim
Feb 20 2009 10:19 AM Post #705
Location : ridley high

whats up buddy miss yah. but everything is starting to get better again and im gonna thank you for that mike i know you have helped me the past couple of weeks but i got engineer at eddystone 12-14b im happy nothing big but heyy someone has to do it and i have to start some where right, well listen i just wanted to write to you bu tim gonna get back to class love yah mike

shaun swayngim proud member of the sharon hill fire company

michael reagan
alarm 286
see you at the gates big dog
Feb 17 2009 9:40 AM Post #704
Location : morton

hey mike hows everything? im doin okay just got my report card and got all A's....

less then 3 months till im one of u .... i need all A's to join so ya im doing my best .........
gota get going cya bud

ill CYA when I CYA!!...